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“Yes, I hear you. The music of the stars beats in my ears and your voice is as a symphony.”

“I will do as you ask. But where shall I begin looking?”

“Yes, I will find it. Will it still work, though?”

“Of course. I should have known better than to question your wisdom. Thy bidding shall be done.”


“When shadow looms
a secret will reveal.
The eclipse will precede
a tide of steel.”

-Old Numerian tribal prophecy

The lands of the River Kingdoms are a fertile and lush area. They are also rife with bandits,brigands, and highwaymen. Adventurers seek fame and fortune in the Kingdom’s borders, and trade has been brisk lately.

But not all is peaceful in the River Kingdoms. Famine and pestilence plague the western reaches of the region, and the southern neighbors in Kyonin have withdrawn their contingent of diplomats back to their capital. To the west, Numeria’s troubles seem to be growing. Rumors have reached the Crimson Court of increased activity and trade goods being brought into the Numerian borders.

Your group of characters begins the Shadow and Steel Adventure Path as a group of characters selected to find out if the King of Pitax is the target of assassination attempts by agents of the Technic League. He has good reason to believe members of the League have been watching him, and are responsible for the pestilence currently raving Pitax.
As you learn more about the pestilence and famine that has befallen the area, you will find its ties to the land of Numeria and its capital city of Starfall.
In time, you will eventually cross the skies and the stars in search of answers and allies. Your group is bound to face strange cults, mechanical monstrosities, and secrets that would be best left unlearned. Do you have the courage, the wisdom, the endurance to unravel the mysterious occurrences and find out what is really happening in Numeria?

This game will be unlike any other roleplaying you have ever experienced. Intense, action packed, with villains, NPCs, sinister plots, strange technowizardry, metal men with jet packs, insane half man-half machines, crashed spaceships, bizarre creatures from beyond the skies, encounters with otherworldly creatures, hordes of drug-crazed mechanically augmented barbarians, shadowy cultists, paranoid traders, cutthroat merchants, dwarves digging furiously for rare and valuable extraterrestrial minerals, and robot scorpion spiders with death ray tails and chainguns.

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