Dolakranos Kreechai, The Silver Maiden


Dolakranos Kreechai, The Silver Maiden
Classification: Warlord class medium Hyperspace Vessel
Crew requirement: 10
(Captain, pilot, weapons officer, navigator, engineer, boatswain, chirugeon, 4 deckhands)
Current crew: Unknown
Defensive Abilities: AC 6; Hardness 10
Shields: Class I shield. 100 hp shield; regenerates 25 hp/round. Offline
HP: 400 (200=broken)
n-space: Maximum Speed: 2000 feet/round; acceleration 100 feet
atmo: Maximum speed 250 feet/round; acceleration 25 feet/round
h-space: Variable- average 1.5 lighthours/hour
(Su) Obscure object, permanent
(Sp) Extended Invisibility 1/day. CL 10th. Offline
Star Charts and Interactive systems
(Ex) Booster: For 5 minutes, the speed of the Dawn Breaker increases by 500 feet. This is taxing on the engines. After 5 minutes, the base speed of the Dawn Breaker is reduced by 1500 feet for 20 minutes. This ability can be used once every 8 hours. 100%
Sensors (Ex): Sensors are able to scan for signs of life, power, and life support. Offline
Long Range Communication: Offline
Stealth: -32 (-48 in atmo)
Fly: +4

2 Arc Cannons- 16d6 electricity damage; DC 16 Reflex; range 600 feet (line); recharge time 5 minutes; 2 crew members to aim; Requires “training” to use. 50%.
2 Laser cannons- 8d6 fire damage; DC 18 Reflex; range 1200 feet; explodes in 30 foot radius spread; recharge time 1 minute; 2 crew members to aim; Requires “training” to use. Offline
3 Plasma torpedoes: 1/ 24 hours. d100 d4 +10 plasma damage. 10 mile range- travels at 1 mile per round. Targets under 1 mile are hit instantly. 50 %, 1 torpedo every 2 days
2 Railguns- 6d8
12 piercing damage; range 2400 feet; reload time 2 rounds; ammunition replenishes at rate of 1/minute (max 10/day). This weapon is treated as piercing and magic for damage reduc-tion purposes. 100%
If a crew member attempts to fire a siege weapon when they are not proficient in handling, they will take 4 to the attack or the save DC will decrease by 4.
Piloting the Silver Maiden is done primarily from the bridge. Sova can make due with its current systems, but the controls are sluggish and unresponsive.
Long range sensors are offline.
Galley- Galley is at 25%. The galley can create nutritious but bland food.
Medical-The medical bay can give characters with the technologist feat (Heal) + 8 to their Heal checks to diagnose and treat injuries, disease, and radiation. Medical is at 50 .
Quarters- There are 12 sets of private quarters. There are 25 dual occupancy quarters.
Cargo- There are two cargo bays: one forward, and one aft. The aft cargo bay is roughly 60 feet tall, 60 feet wide, and 60 feet deep. The forward bay is 20 × 25 × 25. A shuttle currently sits in the for-ward bay.
Simulation- 75
. Used for training and entertainment functions. Cannot use “detect thoughts” to anticipate desired environment. 16 programmable functions exist. Fully immersive environment.
Weapons- 20%. One lightning bombard, both railguns, and the plasma torpedoes are online. All others are offline.
Engineering- Engineering has two subsections- engines and laboratory.
Production/military lab is at 20%. The replicators can fabricate simple, non moving parts out of wood.
Engineering provides power to the rest of the ship. Engineering is at 25% capacity.


Dolakranos Kreechai, The Silver Maiden

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