Shadow and Steel

Arodus 15-18, 4714

The trip back through the wastes was uneventful. Sova became more apprehensive as you approached the cave where a robotic intelligence lurked.

Entering the cave, the smell of burnt oil and ozone filled the air. A low hum filled the air, and as you investigated one of the rooms you found three torturer robots, affectionately called “murderballs”.

It was difficult, but they were eventually dispatched after a protracted battle where the murderballs continuously injected the group with nanites that caused debilitating sickness among the group.

Arodus 9-15, 4714

You track down the “engine key” that Sova needed to access her ship. It was given to the chieftain of the Black Horse Tribe as tribute from a dwarven king, who ostensibly was sold the key by Taveos Morth.

Sova explained the importance of each crystal, indicating their function.

The blue crystal, the processor core, controls navigation systems, targeting systems, replication systems, and digital interface.

The yellow crystal, the auxillary power core, enables engineering, weapons systems, life support, medical, and the bridge.

The red crystal, the main power core, provides power to enable hyperspace travel.

You obtained the blue core from an android complex deep underground, where it was entrusted to Sova’s lieutenant, Szamrak, who has reincarnated several times since Sova last saw her.

Sova indicated that, in order to improve the odds of successful recovery of the yellow crystal, they would need “field weaponry.” You couldn’t understand what she was trying to say, as something was lost in translation.

On the trip back to Hajoth Hakados to look for the field weaponry, you were assaulted by a pair of mutated orcs- one had three arms and bulging leg muscles, and the other had no eyes or eye sockets, a withered arm, ears the size of Texas, and a smell that could gag a vulture. They were dispatched quickly.

Making your way to Hajoth Hakados, you find a pair of “field exploders” in a shop. The proprietor believed they were some sort of communication device, but after careful analysis it was determined they were grenades that generated an electromagnetic pulse.

Adventurer's Log, Arodus 8, 4714

After finishing her tale, she asked to recover her weapons and “overcoat”. You found her tracking device, but her access key to the ship was nowhere to be found. She was able to locate it in a region to the southeast, in the Black Horse tribe outpost area.

Vi requested that his father deal with the body of Taveos Morth, as well as the strange toxic device found in the Technic League lieutenant’s basement. When Vi shows Khonnir Baine the journal of the League agent, he goes white, indicating that one of the Technic League captains mentioned in the journal, Captain Korlax, was once a colleague of his that wanted to perform tortuous and deadly experiments, using Val Baine as a test subject. He started a lab fire and escaped with Val, hoping that Korlax died in the fire.

Taveos Morth’s research notes hint toward some kind of incendiary device of a non-magical or alchemical nature, but the notes are unclear. It suggests that the weapon may be powerful enough to destroy a small town.

Adventurer's Log, Arodus 7 4714

After finding Sova, and dealing with her injuries, Taveos Morth died of his self poisoning attempt in agonizing pain. You found a strange cylindrical structure, which Taveos Morth’s journal indicated was some kind of “weapon”.

Sova started speaking to you in some kind of strange, exotic language. After fruitless attempts to communicate, she began speaking to you in Elven.

She told you an odd tale, as follows:

At the pinnacle and height of power, one giant entity dominated trade across the face of
Golarion- Aroden, Inc. A megacorporation, whose holdings included the moon and outposts on Castrovel, Akiton, Verces, and beyond, supplied goods to all. Matter creation engines, powered by untold numbers of nanites, created food and clothing. Nanites, riding on the air, filtered out pollution and created medicine. Life truly was a paradise.

But ideological difference arose between Aroden and Riyec, the powerful founders of the
corporation, known then as Azmalon. Aroden wanted to give away the bounty created by the nanites, while Riyec believed they should be used to gain fabulous wealth beyond imagination. The brothers fought a long and bitter war, known as the Brother’s War, and Aroden won after much sacrifice.

Aroden banished his brother to Aballon, a planetary laboratory and testing ground where Riyec was imprisoned until he could atone for his evil ways. While Aroden was busy on his native Golarion, seeking to spread enlightenment and technology, Riyec busied himself with finding ways to escape his planetary prison. He did not find any way to escape, so he busied himself with creating weapons and soldiers.

The Codex was created by Riyec, who sought to become a god among the machines. Entrusting the powerful artifact to his mechanical lieutenant Unity, the mothership Divinity sailed forth to remake Golarion in Riyec’s image, and pour forth hundreds of thousands of artificial soldiers and advanced weaponry.

The invasion had begun.

A splinter group who opposed Riyec, the Polarized, attempted to recover the Codex. They snuck onto the Divinity, and sabotaged its engines and processor core. They escaped on a much smaller vessel known as Silver Maiden in Azlanti, the language of the Gods. Dozens of defense ships that served Azlant rushed to join the fray, some of them victim to Divinity. The Polarized recovered the artifact and watched as the ship of Those who Become crashed to Golarion. But, in her death throes, Those Who Become dealt their own deadly hit to the hull of the ship of the Polarized, in the process dooming both ships to their fate on Golarion.

The ship of the Polarized survived relatively intact. The guardians of the ship set up defenses, using parts of the vessel that remained active and powered. Some of them settled in Golarion, while others shut themselves down. Sova hid the Codex, secure in a horacalcum vault in the ship’s cargo hold, secure inside of a spacetime distortion. The other pieces were removed; without them, the ship will remain inoperable. Recently, the leader of the Polarized, Sova, awoke from stasis, and traveled throughout the surrounding countryside to find the ship’s cores, using a tracking device programmed with each core’s specific homing signal. She recalled what happened after she awoke. I walked into the rising sun, resting before continuing with the sun at my back. I came to a settlement after a few days, where I was bound, prodded, beaten, and drugged. I woke up here.”

Riyec was furious at Unity’s failure. He imbued his nascent divine power into a massive stellar bomb of adamantine and other skymetals to create “an unstoppable force of destruction”. If he couldn’t be the most powerful person on Golarion, then, by the gods, there wouldn’t be a Golarion. He set about making himself ruler and god over all of Aballon.

Two heroes sacrificed themselves to reduce the devastating power of the planet killer: Acavna and Amaznen. Aroden’s own divine spark allowed him to survive the devastation of the bomb, although the entire civilization of Azlant was destroyed, and the EMP blast from the stellar bomb disabled a majority of Golarion’s technology- resetting 3000 years of progress in one day.

Adventurers Log, Arodus 7

Upon further exploration of the ship, you find several items. I will be listing the items separately in the “items” section.

One of the items, a “Crystal Air” contained information about the cargo manifest, 2 Aboleth class Interceptors. The information was off limits, and with your current skills and tools you have no way to access that information. You sold some things, and went looking for more information about this Taveos Morth. You find that he recently stopped by the Temple of Brigh and the Silverdisk Hall, but ran out of clues until you found a house with scorch marks on the roof. Moving to investigate, you find a man with his hair falling out claiming his name is Randall Jordd. You don’t buy it, and move to detain him. However, it was merely an illusion…a distraction, so that the real Taveos Morth could try to get away. He tried to blast through the roof with his flying machine thing, but it was damaged and was flying erratically. Vi blasted it with water, and it crashed to the earth. The real Taveos Morth was in the suit, and was dying. Vi brought him back to life, and the Technic League lieutenant taunted you before biting down on a poison tooth. You used delay poison on him, and then he bit his own tongue off. He will die eventually, and there’s no telling what information you can get out of him before he does.

He did leave you with one note about his “Master” and that “things are not what they seem.”
He spoke a strange rhyme as well:

“When shadow looms
my Master will reveal.
The eclipse will precede
a tide of steel.”

You have no idea what he was saying…it’s all nonsense. But you explored the rest of his house and found some interesting things. The most interesting was an android, strapped to a medical bed, with tubes sticking out of her.

Here are Taveo Morth’s journal entries.

Desnus 12, 4712 Those Who Become have promised much and delivered little. They speak of a glorious day when life rises beyond the flesh and bone cage into something better, something pure. We shall become immortal, they say. Never wanting for food, never knowing thirst or disease, and being free to pursue our desires. But such promises hold our dear League in thrall. I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords. Their agents have even provided the locations of several weapons caches. No doubt the Captains are pleased with this information. For my role here in unearthing one of the caches, I have been guaranteed lieutenancy under Captain Chaeven."

Sarenith 1, 4714 We came across another one of the androids; this one we found near the Scar of the Spider. Disoriented, and speaking only the Divine Machine’s language, she appeared as feeble as a newborn babe, but there was a fierce, logical intelligence burning in her eyes. We brought her to my Captain Chaeven immediately.

Sarenith 6, 4714 Captain Chaeven brought the android to my quarters for me to observe and continue the extractions. I am not some gods-blasted nanny, I am Taveos Morth! I unlocked the secrets of the VEEMods! Now I play babysitter to a babbling, bleeding mystery. I have named her after the strange symbols found on the back of her neck. Sova…what an exotic epithet.

Sarenith 9, 4714 My colleagues and I have been astounded by the android’s keen intellect. Captain Chaeven insists that he has isolated some kind of biologic weapon from Sova’s lifeblood; Captain Korlax has been tinkering with their product for military use. I eagerly await their research’s fruits.

Sarenith 14th, 4714 The half people have small machines in their blood! Smaller than a human hair, the captain has taken to calling them microns. I still think “nanites” was a better name, but who am I to be listened to? Just Taveos Morth, most brilliant researcher the Technic League has seen in a decade.

Erastus 3, 4714 Captain Korlax sent a courier with chilled vials of the “nanites”. They are a potent weapon and devoured organic material with haste, leaving nothing but dust and water. Captain Korlax will be sending the locations of the targeted areas by courier within the week.

Erastus 23, 4714: Captain Chaeven has delivered a strange new power source to me for testing. Does he take me for a fool? I’ve studied this so called “power source” and I’m absolutely certain that it’s a weapon.

Arodus 1, 4714 I must have eaten something quite dodgy. I’ve been vomiting for the last 2 days. I can barely keep any solids down. I seem to get better when I go out for fresh air. Maybe I should lay off of the hard liquors for a while. I noticed my hair has been a bit more brittle, and is falling out. My father was cursed with baldness; I suppose I shall be too. I’ll think I’ll visit that quack Rogayn after business is finished here in Torch.

Arodus 7, 4714 I’ll be staying here for a few more days, “studying the ‘torch’”. While the flame is certainly a secondary objective, deploying this weapon and studying its effects is still primary. Tentatively, tests have been set for the 9th of Arodus. I’ve already procured a cart; the weapon will be moved tomorrow because I feel quite poorly today. When this test is successful, I’LL BE FAMOUS, AND ALL WILL know the name of Taveos Morth, Technic League Lieutenant!

Adventurer's Log, Erastus 23- Arodus 6, 4714
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After finally forming a secret, cohesive group, the chamberlain of the King of Pitax allowed you to meet with the king, and the news he had was not good. People are starving because of a pestilence that just started a few weeks ago, and the king wants you all to find out where it came from, if there was someone or something behind it, and learn how to stop it.

Rumors at the tavern weren’t much help. The local watering hole regulars regaled you with tales of a mad druid casually spreading disease by moonlight, but they couldn’t agree on which song he was whistling while he did so.

You talked to several farmers, and gathered important clues. One farmer was surrounded by blight, except a circle around his property where the plants were still intact raised suspicions of witchcraft by the farmer’s daughter. The theory was debunked when it was discovered that a lightning strike had occurred at one of the apple trees near the epicenter of the unblighted area, and a high level of magnetism was detected by using a compass, which pointed toward the apple tree.

Gathering live samples of the “Blue Rust”, you found that it was actually composed of nearly invisible machines called nanites. These nanites came from glass vials that were delivered by something that flew and made strange noises.

Hoping the mad druid could provide some insight into this “Blue Rust” and how to stop it, you visited his cabin, where a cautious, shaved, and well dressed man greeted you in odd fashions, making references to a “Flaky Jim”. His farm was surrounded by poppies, which he insisted were grown solely for poppy seeds, and he had an enormous barn with griffons and even a dinosaur. While sharing some delicious poppyseed bagels with you, he asked for a favor- bring some catfish back from the Sellen for his pet dinosaur, Sharptooth. In return, while he waited for “Flaky Jim”, he would analyze your “Blue Rust” samples and give you some items that he had laying around.

You obliged his kooky request, and found a great spot for catfishing right where Holan Dadj said it would be- near a sunken ship in a river. You found it odd that there were no other fishermen close by until a close encounter with Ol’ Oneeye, a massive, 17 foot crocodile, helped explain why. After dispatching the crocodile, you donated the meat to starving townsfolk, whose children were begging for bread crusts.

After gathering around 50 pounds or so of catfish, you headed back to Holan Dadj’s cabin, where he told you what you already knew: the “blue rust” was tiny machines, who voraciously eat living plant matter until they deactivate after 48 hours. Lightning is anathema to them, and lodestone appears to repel them. You successfully convince Holan Dadj to aid Pitax by controlling the weather and bringing lightning to inoculate the farmland from further devastation. Later that evening at midnight, after a hearty fish fry, you hear the whirring sounds, like a heavy wheezing, and find some kind of man shaped machine, flying in the air, with flames shooting out of its feet. You watch as it releases a vial of nanites, that has been sealed with ice that is already beginning to melt. The entity observed you for a moment, before flying to the north with incredible speed.

You inform the king, who expresses his gratitude and makes good on his promised payments, providing a small cache of magical items and consumables that are quite valuable.

You then head north across the Sellen River, hopeful to find some answers from an old acquaintance of Vi’s. After being given a hard time by the guards, they finally relent and tell you that Lady Altouna was speaking with a friend, the witchwyrd Cythrul. Cythrul shares some knowledge with you, but unfortunately, no one has seen your flying machine man thing. A promising lead was that the flasks found in the farmland of Pitax matched that of a well known glassblower in Torch. The glassblower informed you that two men recently bought those kinds of vials: a man named Taveos Morth, someone who paid with Technic League notes, and Vi’s father. Meeting up with Vi’s father, he tells you of a strange machine that he found in a cavern after a sinkhole appeared near the Torch. He also hesitantly explains his own history with the League, and its deranged leader, a man he called Captain Korlax. After meeting a few friends, you decided to head down to this cavern to deal with any dangers that might be lurking under the town.

After exploring the cavern, you find strange lion like beasts called akata. These beasts come from deep space, and create cocoons made of a crystalline metal named noqual. After dispatching the beasts, you find a large chunk of noqual and claim it as a prize. Continuing further in to the cavern, you come across a massive vessel, with bright purple flames jetting out of the rear. The flames are what compose the town’s Torch. Exploring the vessel, you find the skeleton of a human in a strange suit. You also find a man sized machine that speaks in a language you can understand. It started by insulting your physical prowess, saying “You are weak….and untrained!” It challenges you to several physical feats, testing your strength, dexterity, and constitution. After it finished the challenges, it told you “Thank you for using the Azlant Battlebot!”


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