Shadow and Steel

Arodus 9-15, 4714

You track down the “engine key” that Sova needed to access her ship. It was given to the chieftain of the Black Horse Tribe as tribute from a dwarven king, who ostensibly was sold the key by Taveos Morth.

Sova explained the importance of each crystal, indicating their function.

The blue crystal, the processor core, controls navigation systems, targeting systems, replication systems, and digital interface.

The yellow crystal, the auxillary power core, enables engineering, weapons systems, life support, medical, and the bridge.

The red crystal, the main power core, provides power to enable hyperspace travel.

You obtained the blue core from an android complex deep underground, where it was entrusted to Sova’s lieutenant, Szamrak, who has reincarnated several times since Sova last saw her.

Sova indicated that, in order to improve the odds of successful recovery of the yellow crystal, they would need “field weaponry.” You couldn’t understand what she was trying to say, as something was lost in translation.

On the trip back to Hajoth Hakados to look for the field weaponry, you were assaulted by a pair of mutated orcs- one had three arms and bulging leg muscles, and the other had no eyes or eye sockets, a withered arm, ears the size of Texas, and a smell that could gag a vulture. They were dispatched quickly.

Making your way to Hajoth Hakados, you find a pair of “field exploders” in a shop. The proprietor believed they were some sort of communication device, but after careful analysis it was determined they were grenades that generated an electromagnetic pulse.



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