Shadow and Steel

Adventurer's Log, Arodus 8, 4714

After finishing her tale, she asked to recover her weapons and “overcoat”. You found her tracking device, but her access key to the ship was nowhere to be found. She was able to locate it in a region to the southeast, in the Black Horse tribe outpost area.

Vi requested that his father deal with the body of Taveos Morth, as well as the strange toxic device found in the Technic League lieutenant’s basement. When Vi shows Khonnir Baine the journal of the League agent, he goes white, indicating that one of the Technic League captains mentioned in the journal, Captain Korlax, was once a colleague of his that wanted to perform tortuous and deadly experiments, using Val Baine as a test subject. He started a lab fire and escaped with Val, hoping that Korlax died in the fire.

Taveos Morth’s research notes hint toward some kind of incendiary device of a non-magical or alchemical nature, but the notes are unclear. It suggests that the weapon may be powerful enough to destroy a small town.



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