Shadow and Steel

Adventurer's Log, Arodus 7 4714

After finding Sova, and dealing with her injuries, Taveos Morth died of his self poisoning attempt in agonizing pain. You found a strange cylindrical structure, which Taveos Morth’s journal indicated was some kind of “weapon”.

Sova started speaking to you in some kind of strange, exotic language. After fruitless attempts to communicate, she began speaking to you in Elven.

She told you an odd tale, as follows:

At the pinnacle and height of power, one giant entity dominated trade across the face of
Golarion- Aroden, Inc. A megacorporation, whose holdings included the moon and outposts on Castrovel, Akiton, Verces, and beyond, supplied goods to all. Matter creation engines, powered by untold numbers of nanites, created food and clothing. Nanites, riding on the air, filtered out pollution and created medicine. Life truly was a paradise.

But ideological difference arose between Aroden and Riyec, the powerful founders of the
corporation, known then as Azmalon. Aroden wanted to give away the bounty created by the nanites, while Riyec believed they should be used to gain fabulous wealth beyond imagination. The brothers fought a long and bitter war, known as the Brother’s War, and Aroden won after much sacrifice.

Aroden banished his brother to Aballon, a planetary laboratory and testing ground where Riyec was imprisoned until he could atone for his evil ways. While Aroden was busy on his native Golarion, seeking to spread enlightenment and technology, Riyec busied himself with finding ways to escape his planetary prison. He did not find any way to escape, so he busied himself with creating weapons and soldiers.

The Codex was created by Riyec, who sought to become a god among the machines. Entrusting the powerful artifact to his mechanical lieutenant Unity, the mothership Divinity sailed forth to remake Golarion in Riyec’s image, and pour forth hundreds of thousands of artificial soldiers and advanced weaponry.

The invasion had begun.

A splinter group who opposed Riyec, the Polarized, attempted to recover the Codex. They snuck onto the Divinity, and sabotaged its engines and processor core. They escaped on a much smaller vessel known as Silver Maiden in Azlanti, the language of the Gods. Dozens of defense ships that served Azlant rushed to join the fray, some of them victim to Divinity. The Polarized recovered the artifact and watched as the ship of Those who Become crashed to Golarion. But, in her death throes, Those Who Become dealt their own deadly hit to the hull of the ship of the Polarized, in the process dooming both ships to their fate on Golarion.

The ship of the Polarized survived relatively intact. The guardians of the ship set up defenses, using parts of the vessel that remained active and powered. Some of them settled in Golarion, while others shut themselves down. Sova hid the Codex, secure in a horacalcum vault in the ship’s cargo hold, secure inside of a spacetime distortion. The other pieces were removed; without them, the ship will remain inoperable. Recently, the leader of the Polarized, Sova, awoke from stasis, and traveled throughout the surrounding countryside to find the ship’s cores, using a tracking device programmed with each core’s specific homing signal. She recalled what happened after she awoke. I walked into the rising sun, resting before continuing with the sun at my back. I came to a settlement after a few days, where I was bound, prodded, beaten, and drugged. I woke up here.”

Riyec was furious at Unity’s failure. He imbued his nascent divine power into a massive stellar bomb of adamantine and other skymetals to create “an unstoppable force of destruction”. If he couldn’t be the most powerful person on Golarion, then, by the gods, there wouldn’t be a Golarion. He set about making himself ruler and god over all of Aballon.

Two heroes sacrificed themselves to reduce the devastating power of the planet killer: Acavna and Amaznen. Aroden’s own divine spark allowed him to survive the devastation of the bomb, although the entire civilization of Azlant was destroyed, and the EMP blast from the stellar bomb disabled a majority of Golarion’s technology- resetting 3000 years of progress in one day.



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